Cingular Unlocking Code

Unlocking your Cingular is as easy as 1-2-3:

1- We generate the unique unlock code for your Cingular
2- You just type the code we email with instructions into your handset
3- Enjoy your freedom: your phone will accept any SIM card from any network provider Worldwide!
You're about one click ahead to have your Cingular permanently unlocked!

Enter A Valid Email Address to receive your Unlock Code How to get IMEI# ?
- Press *#06# on keypad, IMEI will be displayed on the screen
- OR - Watch the sticker underneath the battery of your handset
(Just consider the first 15 digit)
Are you sure this IMEI is correct ?
Your IMEI is used to generate unlock code, double check!
Please provide Phone Make and Model
Type to search and select your Phone
Select Current network carrier of your Cingular
DO NOT select the network you wish to use, but the carrier you purchased the handset from
Example: your hanset only accept AT&T SIM card? >> Select AT&T
Check this box If you are unsure of your network carrier - OR - If you do not see your network in the list
Do you have a special promotion code? If so, please enter coupon code.

Price from $8.99 USD

Please Provide Network Information

You will get the best price depending on which network your Cingular is locked to.

Unlock Samsung T259

September 11, 2014


It's my first time using this site to unlock my phone and it worked wonderful it kind of seems like I wasn't gonna get the code but after waiting a bit I got it and now my phone is unlocked thank you

Unlock Samsung i717

September 03, 2014


Thamks that was quick my samsung galaxy note works with any provided now thanks so muck its unlocked.

Unlock Nokia E7

July 08, 2014

Michaela cizkova

Always the best,one and only!

Unlock Huawei Ascend Y330

July 02, 2014


Worked as they said, using the first code... great service. i'd sure recommend to anyone

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

June 16, 2014


I just paid for codes through these guys, after another online company supplied me with dud codes, and then never returned any of my messages (I'm trying to claim my money back through the credit card - fingers crossed!). I was obviously skeptical after that result but took the chance. I received my codes within 2 days, but the instructions are extremely complicated in my opinion, and didn't seem to work again. I sent a message to the support team, who responded within a day telling me what to do with very simple instructions. Hey Presto; it worked! I now have a working phone again.
Instructions could be more user friendly, but got what I paid for with no major hassle. Definitely recommend

Advantages of unlocking your Cingular

  • Use your Cingular with any GSM service provider worldwide, accepting any SIM card.
  • Save money on roaming charges when you need to use your phone abroad.
  • Absolutely no risk of damaging your phone.
  • Increase the resale value of your unlocked Cingular by 100%!
  • Run two SIM cards in one phone using a dual sim adapter.
  • No need to send your phone away, remote unlocking by code.
  • Instant phone unlocking with no technical knowledge required.

Top Unlocked Make

Top Carrier Unlocked

  • AT&T USA
  • T-Mobile USA
  • Cingular USA
  • Vodafone UK
  • Verizon USA
  • Rogers Canada
  • Sprint USA
  • Fido Canada
  • Movistar Spain
  • Vivo Brasil
  • Red Canada
  • Optimus Portugal
  • TIM Brasil

Can I damage my phone?

No. Our process is completely safe. You don't use any cable, you don't install any software Just follow the instructions and there is no risk at all to damage your handset. Remember that all information must be entered correctly and you're quickly on your way with an unlocked phone.

Is it very technical?

No it is very easy! We provide unlocking instructions for each model. They are easy to follow and our Support team will help you if you need. It's as simple as dialing a phone number. If you can do that, you can unlock your phone.

Can I use Any SIM card?

Unlocking will allow you to use Any SIM on Any GSM Network, local and worldwide. You don't need to unlock for one particular carrier, it will work with All carriers. is a One-time event: it works for ALL the life of the phone

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