If there’s such a thing as a legend in Cell Phone unlocking circles Tom Neville is it. Make no mistake, Tom is a geek, all Farah polyester pants and Walmart Home and Wear sweaters. But when it comes to unlocking Cell Phones, the man is Rachmaninov and Beethoven rolled into one. Tom has been unlocking Cell Phones and letting happy customers escape from lousy contracts practically since they were those big brick like things you laugh at in the movie Wall Street.

Tom can talk about unlocking Cell Phones for hours. In fact it’s best not to get him started. It’s usually the signal to leave the room, but when he does start to disseminate his hard earned Cell Phone unlocking mysteries to his little geek buddies in the office, they all sit around him enthralled, hanging onto his every code word, learning at the Homer Simpson stockinged feet of the master. It’s not exactly a joy to behold, but it is quite a performance.

To learn his craft Tom travelled around Europe and the States, and met with fellow geek reverse engineers. Can you imagine a conference of reverse engineers, it’s enough to make you want to run backwards out of the building. Well Tom met with the best of them and gradually he devised and then perfected the most elegant and simple Cell Phone unlocking system on the market. It’s a lot more elegant than his choice in neckties, that’s for sure.

With over 15 years experience in the remote unlocking field Tom presides over a team of five fellow nerdy types at unlock-network.com, all badly in need of a wash and a love life. They never rest, because being geeks they do all their best work in the small hours. They deal with a team of some 50 highly skilled developers and suppliers so that we can always provide the fastest, most efficient Cell Phone unlocking system you can get your hot little hands on. You don’t need to worry about how it works, that’s their job, you just need to know that it does.

It’s safe, it’s secure, it’s legal and it’s foolproof. It’s Tom’s gift to the Cell Phone world.