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Unlock your Apple iPhone Now! Simply provide your details and phone serial number and we will email you the unlock code with Easy-to-Follow Step-by-Step instructions.


To find your IMEI (serial number), dial *#06# on your phone.
Consider the first 15 digits only.

You can also find the IMEI on the sticker located under the battery :

Find my phone IMEI (serial number)

However, we suggest you use the *#06# method in case the phone has been repacked.


Enter A Valid Email Address to receive your Unlock Code


Device's initial Network.
Important: Select the Current Country & Network your Apple iPhone is locked to. Do NOT select the network you want to use.


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How does Apple iPhone IMEI Unlock Work ?

Thanks to Apple unique procedure, the operation is very easy: we send your Apple iPhone serial number to Apple's servers and it will be unlocked officially and permanently. You won't have to worry about iOS update: your iPhone device will remain unlocked. All we need is your IMEI number and the service provider your phone is currently locked to.

Official & Permanent Unlock: 100% NO Re-Lock Guarantee !

Apple iPhone Unlock confirmation

Once your Apple mobile unlock is performed, we will email you with detailed instructions so that you can activate simlock removal. Plug your phone into your computer, open iTunes and wait untill your phone is detected. Then disconnect your Apple iPhone, just wait few seconds and reconnect it: you will see the confirmation message: "Congratulations, your Apple iPhone device is now unlocked". Then you're done!

Unlock Apple iPhone FAQ

- "I didn't receive any code!"
You don't need any unlock code to unlock your iPhone! This is why our support team at Unlock Network loves Iphone unlocking: the process only takes 5 minutes, requires no technical knowledge at all, all you need is a computer with iTunes! Unlocking an Apple device is bulletproof!

- "My phone keeps asking me for a login and password!"
Then what you need is and iCloud "Find my Phone" removal service. The previous owner didn't unlink this device from his AppleId account and you need to contact him to unlock iCloud login screen. This is something different than simlock. Contact us for help.

- "After restoring my phone with iTunes, message 'Your APPLE device is now unlocked' didn't show up!"
Well no worries, on some recent iTunes version (>11) this confirmation message will not show up even the process has been successfully done. So firt, test your iPhone simlock: insert a sim car from a different network and check if it's unlocked. If after Syncing your Apple iPhone you still get a "SIM Not Valid" then contact us and we will immediately check the Apple' server unlock status for your device.

*** Please note if your Apple iPhone is blacklisted (Lost or Stolen) we can't unlock your phone ***
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