T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS PHONES REQUIRE 'Device Unlock' App to make Device Eligible to Unlock

If your phone is from T-Mobile USA or MetroPCS and has the "Device Unlock" App installed: Please select the proper Network to place Official Unlock App activation service.
If your device DOES NOT PROMPT/ASK FOR UNLOCK CODE: DO NOT ORDER UNLOCK CODES as your LG G4 phone will not allow you to enter these codes.


If your phone is from Sprint, Virgin Mobile USA, Verizon, Boost, Tracfone... DO NOT ORDER UNLESS YOUR PHONE PROMPT FOR AN UNLOCK CODE.

How do I check if my LG G4 Phone will accept the code?

Switch ON your phone with a SIM card from a different carrier (insert a non-Accepted SIM Card in the phone): IF the phone prompt / ask for an unlock code: it's OK, you CAN ORDER.
If phone DOES NOT PROMPT/ASK FOR UNLOCK CODE: DO NOT ORDER. That means your LG G4 handset has a factory firmware that does not allow you to unlock it with a code.

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Unlock LG G4

Locked to

Unlock your LG G4 Now! Simply provide your details and phone serial number and we will email you the unlock code with Easy-to-Follow Step-by-Step instructions.


To find your IMEI (serial number), dial *#06# on your phone.
Consider the first 15 digits only.

You can also find the IMEI on the sticker located under the battery :

Find my phone IMEI (serial number)

However, we suggest you use the *#06# method in case the phone has been repacked.


Enter A Valid Email Address to receive your Unlock Code


Device's initial Network.
Important: Select the Current Country & Network your LG G4 is locked to. Do NOT select the network you want to use.


Click here to get Help on how to find this info

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Ben S. LG G4
Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
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Excellent service, really quick, easy to read instructions (MAKE SURE YOU CAREFULLY READ THE INSTRUCTIONS) and it worked first time on my LG G4. Fantastic. Definitely recommend.

Dianne P. LG G4
Rawmarsh, United Kingdom
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I excellent service I received my code within the first hour followed the steps which where quite easy and it unlocked within a minute highly recommended will use this again no more high street shop prices BRILLIANT Kind regards Dianne

Mike G. LG G4
Tonbridge, United Kingdom
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Had code in 10 mins and worked first time top service

We will provide you with Unlock Codes + instructions to unlock your LG G4 Phone

Each LG Phone Model requires a simple but unique unlocking procedure to access the SIM Unlock hidden menu. You will need to know the exact model name (check the sticker behind the battery or ask us if you are not sure).

How to enter Unlock Code into a LG G4

Also available for LG G4C, LG G4 Beat, LG G4 Pro, G4 Leather, G4 metallic, LG G4 Stylus, G4 Ceramic...

Unlock LG G4 Method #1

If your G4 phone does not ask for the unlock code:
1. Turn on the phone with an accepted sim card (phone's original carrier). If you don't have, turn on the phone without any simcard inside.
2. Then dial the following sequence (depending on your exact LG phone Model) just as you would dial a phone number:

LG G4 H815 type 2945#*815#
LG G4 H816 type 2945#*816#
LG G4C H525N type 2945#*525#
LG G4 H816 type 2945#*816#

3. SIM Unlock Menu show up
4. Go to "Network Lock"
5. Enter the code NCK provided by Unlock-Network
6. Click Done then Unlock
7. You're done! Your LG G4 is now unlocked 100%. Yes, you can use any simcard worldwide, from any carrier, including original carrier, and yes this is permanent simlock removal!

Unlock LG G4 Method #2

1. Turn on the phone with a non-accepted sim card (from a different carrier than the phone's original one).
2. If your handset prompt for an unlock code: enter the NCK (Network) code you have been provided
The phone will then be unlocked.

Each LG G4 requires a unique unlock code calculated from its IMEI number. According to your Network or Country, you will need the code that match your "Lock level". for LG we always provide the full set of codes you need: NCK, NSLCK, CLCK, PCK, SIM...
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