Difference Between iCloud unlock and iPhone Carrier unlock

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Have you bought an iPhone that happens to be locked? Be aware to distinguish iCloud activation locking from the locking of your iPhone by the carrier. When you buy a used iPhone, it may be locked by it’s initial carrier. In this case, you will be not be able to use it with a SIM card from a different network. Similarly, your used iPhone could be iCloud locked: the steps for unlocking it are not the same.


Unlocking your iPhone: what is it and how to do it?

If you bought an iPhone from an individual or a reseller and it shows an error message when you put your SIM card in, it means, quite simply, that your iPhone is locked to a different carrier than yours. Thus, the only solution is to ask the previous owner to make the unlock request through their carrier, or, if you cannot contact the old owner, to simply use our paid service to unlock your iPhone, for under $25.

Unlock iCloud activation iphone VS.  simlock removal

Make the difference: carrier-locked iPhone vs iCloud-locked iPhone. To make it simple, when buying a used iPhone, the owner must absolutely deactivate the “Find my iPhone” function in the settings before selling it. In the case that it’s not deactivated, it will be unusable as long as the real owner doesn’t delete the iPhone from his/her iCloud account. It is the same if you found an iPhone and the person declared the phone lost via their iCloud account. You will not be able to unlock it.

iPhone asks for a login and a password?!

Very often, a customer requests the iPhone SIM-unlocking and once it’s activated by Apple and the instructions sent, we receive this kind of message:  I followed your instructions but the phone still asks for a login and a password which I don’t have so I can’t use my iPhone!

This, therefore, has nothing to do with with the conventional locking of an iPhone by the carrier, so the steps to unlock will be different. If, after restoring your iPhone, a message appears asking you to enter a password with an Apple ID email address that you don’t know, it means that iCloud is locked by the previous owner.

How to remove iCloud activation on iPhone?

There are a few payable solutions to unlock an iCloud-locked iPhone, but it is not simple and it is important that the phone has not been declared stolen. We provide a solution which will allow you to successfully unlock iCloud on your iPhone, in the majority of cases.

2 options to unlock iCloud iPhone

1- Fast and reliable service, 100% success rate, delivered in 24-48 hours: iCloud Unlock PREMIUM Service

2- Cheaper service, but limited to EUROPE devices only (not sold by Apple) with a lower 70-80% success rate: iCloud Unlock EUROPE Service

Please note

Please make sure you iPhone is CLEAN before you order iCloud unlock service. What means CLEAN? Well, the FMI (Find my iPhone) status should NOT be in LOST mode and the IMEI number can’t be blacklisted in GSM worldwide database.