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The latest Samsung Galaxy Edge has only just been launched, and already requests to unlock the device are flooding in to Unlock-Network. Samsung’s high-end smartphone, with its striking, curvaceous design, represents a serious challenge to a certain fruit-themed competitor.

Unlock S6 and S6 Edge -

Unlocking the brand new Galaxy S6

As with any new product on the market, lots of you have already given in to temptation and have gone out and bought the latest Galaxy smartphone. As is often the case, lots of people have renewed or extended their monthly cellphone plans, or used their loyalty points, in order to save on the high upfront cost and get the latest smartphone at a reasonable price.

Well yes but… the other side of the coin is that you’re left with a handset┬áthat is locked to the original network. Perhaps you would prefer to use your smartphone on a different network, sell it on, or even exchange it for something different. SIM unlocking is therefore the ideal solution liberate your new smartphone from your network provider. (more…)