How to unlock LG K7


Here at Unlock Network, we can unlock a range of cell phones from providers across the world, including Metro PCS.

If you’ve bought a handset from Metro PCS but you want to use another service provider, we can help – we’ll even unlock the LG K7, one of the latest releases from the South Korean manufacturer.

The K7, first announced and released to the world in January of this year, boasts an impressive specification list, with high-resolution rear and front cameras (8-megapixels and 5-megapixels respectively), a crystal clear 5-inch 854×480 display and plenty of RAM memory and storage.

Also known as the LG Tribute 5, the K7 is an Android phone, with a wide display and simple, rounded edges that evoke memories of some of the earlier versions of the iPhone. Brand new, the K7 will set you back several hundred dollars, but that’s where Metro PCS and Unlock Network come in handy.
MetroPCS device unlock LG K7 permanently
You can buy the K7 on a pre-paid deal with MetroPCS for just $49, $80 off the previous retail price advertised with the company, if you visit their website: MetroPCS.
For a smartphone that offers everything its higher-end competitors do, including a 1.1GHz quad core processor, that’s an impressive price.

What else does the LG K7 offer?

Whereas it seems as if Apple is just going through the motions with its new iPhone releases, the K7 has several USPs, including Gesture Shot, with which you can capture photos by clenching your fist, and Gesture Interval Shot, which takes four consecutive photos. The K7 is perfect for those who love taking selfies!

Unlocking LG K7 requires MetroPCS Device Unlock App

OK, I’m sold, but how do I unlock my LG K7?
Of course, once you’ve received your new handset in the post from your provider, you’ll need to unlock it so you can harness its myriad capabilities. Fortunately, that’s where we at Unlock Network come in.If you have a LG K7 that’s locked to Metro PCS, simply click this link  and you’ll be taken to our dedicated page for LG K7 phone unlocking. Just enter your details, pay the small fee of $27.99 and await our easy-to-follow instructions – it’s that simple!
Please note your phone will not ask for a code, unlocking is activated using official Device Unlock app.If you get stuck at any stage of the unlocking process, you can be sure that our friendly and experienced support team will be on hand to offer useful advice. We can be contacted 24 hours a day and, in the unlikely event that the product purchased is incorrect, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.
metroPcs phone unlocking
LG’s slogan is ‘Life’s Good’, and that will certainly be an accurate description of how you’re feeling once you’ve unlocked your K7 with a little help from your friends at Unlock Network.