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After receiving many questions from all over the world, we decided to highlight key facts about our unlocking procedure in a dedicated blog post. By doing so, our aim is to demonstrate both the extent of our expertise and the value of our proposition.
Today’s wireless market is highly diversified. In the past few years, low-cost carriers have entered the market and triggered a higher need for greater freedom amongst consumers.

A Result Of Carriers’ Policy

Most handsets are sold through deals combining a device and a plan subsidising the device. As a way of securing their investment and enforcing retention, carriers lock devices so they can only be used on their networks of origin.
Locking is implemented through lucrative trade agreements passed with manufacturers. This allow carriers to attractively price state-of-the-art devices. As a result, both your choices of carrier and manufacturer impact the unlock procedure.

How did they lock my phone ?

Warning : your phone may be locked in different ways.
The SIM card lock is when your phone prompt for a 4-digits PIN. If you didn’t setup your own personal PIN, by default it should be 0000 or 1234. A PUK is required to unlock SIM cards that have become locked after three successive incorrect PIN entries. PUK codes are delivered by your carrier only.

SIM Unlocking, on the other hand, consists SOLELY of unlocking your device from its original network. Unlocking has been misrepresented as phone hacking by people confusing SIM lock and network lock. But hacking has nothing to do with SIM unlocking or network unlocking. (more…)

September/October time is often the right time for mobile phones industrials to launch their new products. Now that we have almost past this period, let’s make a quick sum-up of the good news, and the most exciting: the ones that are still to come!

Bach to school 2015 new phones and unlock tips

Did you say iPhone 7 ?

As usual, Apple released its keynote at the beginning of September, announcing the now famous iPhone 6S. It is now fully available with the most important carriers of US, Canada and UK. For those who got a bit disappointed with this new device (We always want more don’t we ?), rumors are already spread an iPhone 7 is on his way, and would come out for the 6th of September….2016. Be patient

Other than Apple Phones, a few others Brands released or are about to, other fantastic devices! It is the case for Google, with a powerful Nexus 6P, full of high ranged components. HTC also recently released “IPhone – like” one, called HTC ONE A9. The look is really similar, so are the functions, maybe a bit more robust though. Apparently, M10 is meant to come out for march 16. LG on its side, already quite appreciated in US, has launched the G4, also well appreciated; it is a simpler device than its competitor, with a very affordable price, and a great camera. As the phonehas been considered “lighter” than its competitors on the technology aspect, Rumors says LG is working on Iris-scanning technology. Microsoft, on its side will release in November, its new LUMIA 950, and will be the first handset to run the full Windows 10 OS. For Samsung, the brilliant S6 edge is already a big success story, proposing the first “curved” screen mobile phone. Now, we know that Samsung will be launching a new Galaxy S7 with new powerful components. The last one to come in our list is the Sony Xperia Z5, with once again, the most high-level definition for its screen. Coming in November. (more…)

The latest Samsung Galaxy Edge has only just been launched, and already requests to unlock the device are flooding in to Unlock-Network. Samsung’s high-end smartphone, with its striking, curvaceous design, represents a serious challenge to a certain fruit-themed competitor.

Unlock S6 and S6 Edge - Unlock-Network.com

Unlocking the brand new Galaxy S6

As with any new product on the market, lots of you have already given in to temptation and have gone out and bought the latest Galaxy smartphone. As is often the case, lots of people have renewed or extended their monthly cellphone plans, or used their loyalty points, in order to save on the high upfront cost and get the latest smartphone at a reasonable price.

Well yes but… the other side of the coin is that you’re left with a handset that is locked to the original network. Perhaps you would prefer to use your smartphone on a different network, sell it on, or even exchange it for something different. SIM unlocking is therefore the ideal solution liberate your new smartphone from your network provider. (more…)

How to read the MEP without Cable

First step is to access to the “Help Me” menu, to do so, on the main screen of the phone hold the following keys : ALT  CAPS  H (at the same time)

Note: For Pearl and other Sure-type phones press and hold the ALT key (Bottom left) and type E A C E. For Storm model, hold the BACK arrow, and tap the screen in the following areas: TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT, TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT.

Your BlackBerry device will show up a screen like the one shown below:

Blackberry hidden Menu Help

Blackberry hidden Help Me Menu screen


Now open our BlackBerry eScreen Keygen:

Type the PIN, App Version and Uptime in the form and press “Get my key“, you will get as result a key that looks like this:

Generated key to access blackberry menu example


Now simply type this generated KEY directly on to the Help Me! screen. Nothing will appear when typing. For numbers hold the ALT key when typing. Now you should be in the engineers menu – if you are not, please try again ensuring the data you entered is EXACTLY as displayed. If you close the screen ensure you change the Uptime on the form.


Navigate to ‘OS Engineering Screens‘ as shown below:


Then, scroll down to ‘Device Info’ and then scroll down until you see MEP-XXXXX-XXX as shown below:

MEP Code blackberry

That’s your MEP!
Please Provide this MEP whenever our support ask for it.